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Etienne d'Arenberg
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Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association
6 rue Charles-Bonnet
1206 Geneva - Switzerland

Artistic Director:

Joji Hattori Office

Our Objectives

The Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association, a small non-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland, grew as a result of luck and dedication. Joji Hattori and members of the Arenberg family met on a plane and started discussing the possibility of bringing chamber music to Lauenen, surrounded by peaceful and beautiful settings. Love of music, friendship and dedication made what is hoped to preserve: a plaform where musicians feel happy and where music can be discovered, respected and enjoyed.

As of today, the Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association has been honoured by the Artistic Direction of Joji Hattori, who discusses and chooses the program and persuades artists to come and rehearse for a number of days before playing in front of a full audience in the Lauenen chapel.

Chamber Music is really the core of the effort, while the spirit of the Association is to bring a relaxed, amicable and Artistically-focused touch. Thanks to generous contributors and anonymous donors, the Association has provided all the logistical support necessary for the realisation of several concerts. In 2003 one concert was organised while 2004 saw 3 concerts over one week-end, 2005 saw the "usual" 2 winter concert and the realisation of a project in August with the 30 children of the Coro de Belgais led by Maria Joao Pires and Maria Elena Nunes.

Usually 2 concerts take place yearly and 2006 as well as 2007 have been graced by the presence of Piotr Anderzewski amongst others and the returning to Lauenen of several other musicians who played some of the other years such as for example Bernhard Hedenborg and Anoushka Lara.