The Arenberg Foundation

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Joji Hattori Office

The Arenberg Foundation
Starting with the restoration and scientific work on very rich family archives dating back to before the year 900, the Arenberg Foundation has published or contributed to the publication of many history books. The Foundation develops the promotion of European archives, history and culture; it also strives to develop an independent, apolitical "path in Europe" to make Europeans aware of their treasures and culture. The Foundation has for example launched two history prizes in 1992 and is about to begin work on a "Prize for Europe" in 2007, all prizes being granted by independent juries every two years. The Foundation contributes to culture through classical music concerts, artistic exhibitions in European capitals and supports social and historical events at the request and together with European cities and towns keeping a historical lien with the d'Arenberg and Europe in general. The Foundation has also financed the creation of an archives' museum in Enghien and is currently in discussions with the Museum of Europe to develop a common project.

Mirabaud & Cie
Mirabaud & Cie is a Swiss private bank, established in 1819, having in custody more than CHF 22 billion, that is dedicated to managing private individuals' overall financial situations and structures. Mirabaud caters to clients worldwide, manages portfolios with the necessary geographical and asset diversification as well as fiscal attention; it has developed an absolute return philosophy. Mirabaud has also been at the core of the hedge fund industry since 1974 and has also developed institutional clients since 1991 mainly in London.

Hattori Foundation
The Hattori Foundation was established as an Educational Trust by the Hattori Family and granted charity status in 1992.The aim of the Foundation in the field of music is to encourage and assist exceptionally talented young instrumental soloists or chamber ensembles who are British Nationals or resident in the UK and whose talent and achievements give promise of an international career.

Joji Hattori
Joji Hattori is an artist whose engaging personality and deeply committed performances have made him one of the leading Japanese musicians of his generation, initially as violinist and more recently as conductor.