The Arenberg Foundation
Starting with the restoration of very rich family archives dating back to the year 900, the Arenberg Foundation promotes History and Culture in a European spirit. It has published or contributed to the publication of many history books, twenty being “work in progress” right now. The Arenberg Foundation has launched two History Prizes in 1992, an Arenberg Coimbra Prize in 2007, a College of Europe ¬†Arenberg Prize in 2013, all prizes being granted by independent juries. The Arenberg Foundation also organizes seminars, concerts, conferences, old timer rallies and exhibitions in Austria, Belgium,France, Germany, Holland, Hungary. It is trying to set up a museum as well. To know more about us :

Hattori Foundation
The Hattori Foundation was established as an Educational Trust by the Hattori Family and granted charity status in 1992.The aim of the Foundation in the field of music is to encourage and assist exceptionally talented young instrumental soloists or chamber ensembles who are British Nationals or resident in the UK and whose talent and achievements give promise of an international career.

Joji Hattori
Joji Hattori is an artist whose engaging personality and deeply committed performances have made him one of the leading Japanese musicians of his generation, initially as violinist and more recently as conductor.