Our Friends

The Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association lives with its public. Therefore it currently setting up a larger circle of “Friends of the Lauenen Chamber Concerts” whose help and support proves year after year to be invaluable.

The objectives of the “Friends of Lauenen Chamber Concerts” is primarily to enjoy the concerts and help by way of financial contributions or personal involvement to their success; they also include the promotion by worth of mouth of the artists playing during the concerts organised by the LCCA.

Its growing list counts the following individuals who have or do still support us:

Acutis Carlo & Mariette
Ashkenazy Dimitri
Barbey Stéphanie
Berthout van Berchem Costin & Nathalie
Bodmer Sabrina
Busse Friedrich & Monica
Carbonnelle Jean & Anne
Dan Sorin & Horatiu
d’Arenberg Etienne & Andrienne
d’Arenberg Sophie & and the late Jean d’Arenberg
d’Arenberg Henri et Daïné
d’Arenberg Léopold & Isabel
Davis Christopher et Maryam
Dente Fabienne
de Kalbermatten Patricia Anna
de Labouchère Pierre et Christina
de Liedekerke Jacques & Anne
de Luxembourg Robert & Dewi
de Rham Nicolas & Anouk
Delwaide Leo
Dominicé Jean-Evrard
Denjoy Nicolas & Valentine
Dreyfuss Jean & Tania Blum
Dunleavy Keith & Katherine
Erzberger Marc et Frédérique
Experience AG
Gaëre Noëlle & the late Timothy
Grabau Lorenzo & Sabrina
Gutzwiller Stéphane & Andrea
Hamanaka Hideichiro & Michiko
Hattori Joji and Sabine
The late Hennessy Monique
Holistic – Pascal O’Neill
Hotel Geltenhorn
Hotel Wildhorn
Houry Nada
Kaltenbrunner Hans Joerg
Keller Pierre & Claire-Jeanne
Kyd Laurent & Anne
Lagonico Stéphane & Jennifer
Le Grelle Vincent
Medland-Brooks Timothy & Wendy
Notter Florence
Nunes Carlos Semedo
Nurishi Shozo
Oltramare Yves
Pires Maria João
Rochat Charles-Henry
Rossier Jacques & Eliane
Schoenlaub Julien & Christelle
Speeckaert Eric
Siddiqi Anwar
Smiles Maria
Staehlin Jeno
The Arenberg Foundation
Troller Alexander
Turrettini Charles & Marie
Turrettini Maurice & Christine
Vailati Gianfranco & Grazia
Van der Maelen Janssens Hughes & Françoise
Von Schonborn Konstantin et Maria Carla
von Spee Emmanuel & Jasmine
zu Stolberg-Stolberg Irina